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The cathedral

The main piazza

This is a cool street

Siena from above

The stripy cathedral in the background



San Gigimano

The main piazza

Another cool medieval street

Well Tuscany is all it promises to be. The rolling hills covered in vineyards and olive groves, the Tuscan villas, the medieval towns that cling to the hill tops and a beautiful place to go cycling!

We set up camp just outside of Siena and had a couple of days wondering around the town, exploring the winding medieval streets, now lined with designer shops, pizza and gelato shops.

The main centrepiece of the town is the square called Il Campo which houses a 103m bell tower, which you can climb and is home to a famous horse race (that I think should be your come back race Dad!) Il Palo is held twice a year and is a horse race around this small (well compared to a race course) square. It’s crazy, I have seen it on TV before and the horses are going so fast they can’t even make it around the tight corners. The only rule is you cannot pull on another horses reigns and there does not have to be a jockey on the horse for it to win! So jockeys are jumping off their own horses onto horses without riders to slow them down and its just craziness! We would love to get back to see it. (It’s in July and August for anyone interested!)

Another of the sights in Siena is the cathedral ( I make a joke every time Willy asks me what’s at the town we are going to and say ‘ a piazza, a cathedral and a museum’ which seems to be the sights in every town) The cathedral in Siena is quite different. It is made with white and dark green (which looks black) marble. It’s stripped like a zebra. Quite strange I thought, but it was a nice cathedral.

On Sunday we decided to cycle to a town called San Gigimano, which is another hill top medieval town. Now I’m starting to think that there is either no communication between the map makers and the sign makers or its just a big conspiracy to get tourists lost (and they have cameras laughing at us!) But you can have a map of say Tuscany (which is smaller than Tasmania) and this map can be as tall as you and still the towns on the map aren’t on any signs and the towns on the signs aren’t on your map! This happens every time we go somewhere, every time we get on our bikes or in the car we get lost. And we have spoken to other people, even other Europeans and it’s not just us.

Anyway as a nice start to the ride to San Gigimano, we went around the corner and got lost for 40 minutes! But eventually we got there and it was a really cool town. Cooler than Siena we thought but it was very small. It was an awesome ride there and then we just cruised around, had some lunch, a couple of coffees and rode home...... getting lost again and then rained on!

It has been quite crazy weather lately, very Melbourne like, 4 seasons in one day. Yesterday it absolutely poured down and we got to play the fun game of finding which part of Moby was leaking today!

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