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The leaning tower!



The tower with the cathedral

And the bapistry

Last time I visited Pisa, we only stopped to see the leaning tower. I thought surely there must be more in this town since it has such a beautiful square that the leaning tower is in, but I am here to inform you that there is nothing else in Pisa! Ah well it was too late to continue the drive to Sienna anyway.

As at all the major sites we have visited the tower had scaffolding and a crane on it, but what can you do. Willy was a spoil sport and wouldn’t get a photo trying to hold it up..... or licking it as we saw some other people pretending to do.....

Its pretty crazy that it was built in the 1100’s and that would lead you to think, ah well thats why its leaning but no, by the time they had built the 3rd storey it was already starting to lean. I think it’s engineering excellence that it didn’t fall over in all those years!

In the square that the tower stands in there is also a cathedral and bapistry which I don’t think many people are aware of (and I certainally wasn’t) before they get there and also lots of copies of designer bags to buy!

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