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The galleria, where all the designer shops are..... and a McCafe!

The beautiful roof

The roof of the cathedral

On the roof

The castle

The final stage of the Giro was in Milan, the fashion capital of the world! Since I have no fashionable clothes what so ever to wear I decided to go with the other end of the scale and wear my pink Giro de Italia shirt and be in the spirit of the final stage.

We arrived at the finish line 3 hours before any of the riders were due to secure our spot on the fence in the finishing shute. It was a good day, another time trial so you got to see all the riders individually and it was close between 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th coming into the stage so that always makes it interesting. We had an awesome time following the Giro but in a way we are glad its all over, it was a lot of driving and now we are free to do our own thing for a month.

We’ve discovered Milan has the same weather as Melbourne (maybe even worse), 4 seasons in 1 day. Like this morning, it was cold and rainy but we went into the city anyway, at about 3 o’clock the sun came out and it was really hot and by 6.30pm it is pouring rain again. But we have managed to see the sights and do some shopping, though mostly window shopping! Though I did buy one pair of shoes.

The cathedral that stands in the main square of Milan is amazing. Something like 150 spires and 130 statues adorn the outside. Inside there are massive pillars, which i guess you need to hold up such a large building and beautiful stained glass windows. The best thing though is that you can climb the stairs (or take the elevator) and walk on the roof, that was pretty cool.

Unfortuntly we did not get to see Leonardo Di Vinci’s painting ‘The last supper’. We found out you have to book 2 weeks to a month in advance or take a city tour (which costs AU$85.00 each)

Next up we are off to Tuscany; Pisa, Sienna and Florence

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