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Well I could very much do without all of the mosquitoes here, but aside from that everything is going just fine. I wandered around town today for a bit, checking out the scene and then decided to take a mini bus ride up to Doi Suthep, which is a big wat on top of one of southeast Asia's highest peak. The ride up made me a bit queasy, but I made some nice friends on the way up that took my mind of it for awhile. We were all just happy to finally get a ride up there because the mini bus drivers were refusing to take less than 10 people and then was trying to charge us all double to take us up. Right now is the low season, so there aren't many tourists at all, and they try to jack up the prices because of it...You all would be proud of me, I actually stood up for the three of us that were trying to go, and finally got a reasonable price. Once we got to the top it was beautiful...I'm sorry I can't post any pictures up now, but you from the wat, you can see views of all of Chiang Mai and its in a remote area that feels like you are almost in a jungle.

Speaking of jungle, tomorrow I am heading out on a three day trekking/white water rafting trip out in these mountain hill tribe jungles. The four other people going with me are really fun, so I am really looking forward to it. We leave early in the morning tomorrow and get back late Thursday night; in the three days, we'll hike a total of 62km, white water raft and ride elephants. I'm going to be getting some heavy mosquito repellent before we go. I must have sweet blood or something because the mosquitoes are attacking me like crazy, and I am so itchy at night that I can hardly sleep.

Look back on Thursday to hear about that whole adventure :)

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