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Eiffel Tower


Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

Moulin Rouge

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Sagrada Familia

Pebble beach in Nice

View of Nice on the way to Monacco



Inside the Colosseum

Pompeii ruins

Petrified body Pompeii

Ancient porn Pompeii

Parasailing in Corfu

Cocktails by the pool in Corfu

Ok this might not be a very detailed entry but there is way too much to write about. So we started our Contiki tour on the 26th May, the day was mostly spent travelling from London to Paris with 51 people. We arrived in Paris at about 4pm and as the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays we had to run in and get a glimpse of what we could for an hour or so - we managed to see the Mona Lisa which was a hellava lot smaller than i thought it was and we also snuck a peek at the venus di milo and the winged victory of samothrace before we had to leave to check into our hotel. After tea we headed out on a night tour - if you can call it that we were cruising around at 10pm and the sun was still up. The next day was a free day and a raining day so we legged it around the city to see as much as possible, first up we headed to the Louvre again to take some outside shots and got acousted by our first gypsy then we headed to Notre Dame and climbed the towers to get some great views of the city then we walked up the Champs Elysees to the Arc De Triomphe and climbed to the top to get some sites of the crazy 12 laned roundabout surrounding it, from here we legged it to the Eiffel Tower - very impressive indeed! we had run out of time to climb it and i think because of the weather the top may have been closed anyway. The we caught the subway and got ready to head to Moulin Rouge which was fantastic, the girls were amazing and there was funny skits all the way through, it was a great way to end our stay in Paris.

The 27th was basically a travelling day to get to Bordeux we made a stop at Chambord which was pretty cool it is just this massive chateu with over 440 rooms. We arrived in Bordeux late and ran out for tea - a couple of us girls tried to get in to see sex and the city but we missed the last english screening damn!

On the 28th it was anther travelling day to get to barcelona we stpped at Carcassonne - the walled city used in robin hood prince of thieves it was pretty cool very old school. Then we arrived in Barcelona about 7pm then we hit the town they free pour here so after 2 half/half drinks and a 3/4 malibu drink i was hammered, we hit burger king then headed back to the hotel. On the 28th we started the day with a tour of the city and the old gothic quater then we were free to roam about. The most impressive arcitecture here is by Gaudi - he did the plans for the sagrada familia - the cathedral that is still being built after 140 years and may be finished in the next 20! We wandered down the people mall and checked out all the pet shops at which you could buy prarie dogs, squirrels, hedgehogs, turtles, hamsters, iguanas and every chook you could ever imagine. The we got ripped off by gypseys and spent 1/2 hour in the cop shop to get our mola back just in time to catch the bus back to the hotel for our flaminco evening. It i such an angry dance you have to try not to laugh at their facial expressions but it was really good.

The 31st was another travelling day to get us back into France, i managed to pick up a cold aswell. We arrived in Nice at about 4pm it was so beautiful there, we had some time to check out the city and the pebble beach before dinner then we headed to the local irish pub for some drinks, like any good irish pub there were aussies behind the bar and the magners was flowing, after dancing to the band who cranked out crowded house and powderfinger (but had never heard of cold chisel) we headed back to the hotel. June 1st was a free day so Brent and i teamed up with Katie and Daniel and roamed the city, its pretty small so we had a very relaxing day moving from coffee shop to coffee shop and stopping at the irish pub for lunch so the boys could watch the moto GP. That night we headed into Monaco! It was amazing such a rich country, and given the size its amazing that they managed to fit in 3 casinos! unfortunately we didnt get to see anyone famous but we got to see all the rich peoples cars, ferarri anyone?

2nd june was yet another travelloing day (im sick of the bus already) to get us from france to italy. We had our first italian pizza at a rest stop and it was yummo! We stopped at Pisa along the way which was not really that impressive but was good to have seen it - it was raining again, or should i say still, we have only really had one day of good weather so far and that was in Nice. We were backed up in traffic for hours as it was a public holiday in italy so we didnt arrive in Florence until 8ish. We had a rushed dinner beofre heading to the local bar for some kareoke - i couldnt even crank out any madonna on account of having no voice from my cold!

On june 3rd we started the day at a local leather factory (florence is known for its leather and gold exports)then we met in piazza della signora to head on our walking tour of the city, there were so many statues in the square including a replica of David the real one was in the museum but we couldnt be bothered lining up to see it when we could see the copy (which is exactly the same) right now. The square holds the town hall which was used in the movie hannibal where he guts the guy then hangs him from the balcony then he runs past the uffizi (another museum - they have heaps because they house 85% of italys art work). We wandered over to the Ponte Vecchio which is the bridge with heaps of gold shops on it then to the cathedral which was amazing. After our tour we headed to lunch then some shopping in the markets and our first taste of gelati mmm, so far i have tried chocolate, choc chip, apple, cherry, peach, kiwi, banana kiwi, strawberry, caramello and nutella. Brents stuck to lemon, mango and strawberry and branched out to caramello once. After a wander thought the city we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our tuscan evening. mmm the food was fab and the little band playing italian music were very entertaining. After that we headed to the space electronica discotteque, it was an experience, especailly watching the italian studs picking up all the single grils from our group - one girl picked up a fabio look alike in leather pants it was disturbing!

On the 4th we travelled from Florence to Rome. When we arrived we went on a walking tour through the city through piazza del popolo, piazza di spanga and the spanish steps, the column of immaculate conception to Fontana di Trevi, then past the marcus aurellio column to the pantheon. The pantheon was great and the arcitecture was amazing, after that we had some time for tea and gelati before getting a city tour in the bus past the closseum and the forum and st peters bascilia (the vatican)and heading to the hotel to check in.

On the 5th we started the day with a tour through the forum and the collosuem then we had the rest of the day to ourselves. We headed to the vatican museums and the sistine chapple - which we didnt even have to line up for, the whole complex was amazing all the artwork must have taken forever there is not a blank space on any of the walls, it took michaelangelo 20 years to paint most of it. We sent off some postcards from the vatican post office before heading over to St peters. No line again yay we thought we would spend at least 2 hours lining up to get into the vatican today. We walked through the outter area of the bascillia where all the past popes are burried, We saw Pope John Paul II grave where there was a alot of people praying and still leaving flowers. The bascillia itself was amaizng the whole thing is marble and is covered in artwork. From here we headed to piazza del poplo where they were filming angels and demons - i got to see ron howard but no tom hanks they shot all his scenes yesterday. then we tried to leg it back to the square where we were meeting everyone for dinner but we were too late and they left without us so we grabbed some pizza and lasagna instead, then met them all to grab the bus back to the hotel.

On the 6th we traveled from Rome to Brindisi where we catch our ferry over to Corfu Greece baby!! We stopped at Pompeii along the way which was one of the main reasons we booked this tour, it was fantastic and so well preserved considering it was covered in ash for over 1700 years. We could see Mt Versuvius in the background which they are expecting will blow again some time soon. There was even a historic whore house there with karma sutra type pictures on the wall and rooms just big enought to fit one concrete bed. one arse wide two arse high. Then we headed to the ferry where we spent the night, it was pretty smooth all the way and we docked in Corfu at about 9am on the 7th. We checked into the hotel and then headed into corfu town. Being a saturday most of the place was closed up and at 2pm they all stop work for their siesta. We grabbed a giros which was yummy as then headed to the pharmacy to stock up on drugs. we also found some uno cards. When we got back to the hotel it was raining again, suprise suprise it seems to be the theme of our holiday. So we hung out in our room for a bit before heading down for tea, some people headed out to a toga party but we stayed and had a uno tournament - brent won. Then yesterday we headed out on Georges Boat - for the first time in 2 weeks it didn't rain at all, it was a great day chilling on the boat sunbaking and listening to georges crude commentary, and him stuffing us full of food. we docked in a couple of places and went for a swim the first stop i went parasailing which was really cool, i could see all across the coast which was great except my harness wasnt done up tight so i was hanging vertically the whole time but it was still alot of fun. Our last stop was at what george called contiki island, skinny dippy island, nookie island and if you can imaginge that in a greek accent it was pretty funny, he got some of us to swim with our clothes off if we wanted so after seeing some of the guys arses we decided to show them up and rip off our tops although some girls went all the way - not me tho. Then we jumped back on the boat where george taught us the greek national song "you over there, come over here, suck this, fuck this, fuck off, next one, please' hes a pretty funny guy. Then we headed back to the hotel and sat poolside for a while before dinner and another uno tournament - brent didnt win this one.

Today we had a nice easy day - a sleep in till 11:30 then headed into the city for a gyros bit of a wander around to visit the internet cafe - all in the rain. And thats where we leave you for now - we may not get a chance to update again or add photos for this post until we arrive back in london in 2 weeks or so, but we will try. Hope everything is good in adelaide we are prob getting more rain that you are!!

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