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Alaska State Line

Alaska & canadian Border, Cleared the full length

Car's ready for the repair shop

Nothing today in the way wild game. Encountered some pretty bad roads after Kluane Lake. Turned into an exciting day, when around noon I found out the base plate on the car had began to move and had put a scar on the nose cone. I thought it was all because of the bad roads. At the next rest stop it became apparent that the problem was not the bad roads but that the base plate had become loose, and had moved enough to damage the radiator. I continued to tow thinking we could make it to Tok, Alaska. When we stopped at the Canadian/Alaskan border it became apparent that I couldn’t tow the car any further with the chance of it coming off. I filled up the radiator, started the car and let it run for about 10 minutes, watching for leakage. Finding that it was only loosing a small amount of liquid we decided to drive it on into Tok. Ruthann and Terri took a walkie-talkie a jug of water and followed me in the motor home. We made it to Tok with no further problems.

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