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Surprise Aidan at "Country Kitchen"

Entertaining Breakfast

Say "Cheese"!

Don't let your eyes dry out

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

1st Ride of the day

Mini Coaster


Bumper Cars/ Brittney Spears

Weird, Scary Caveman Ride

ooo- Yuck, Wipes

Side Saddle

Grab the Ring

Made it in the hole!

Pilot Aidan

Tims Girlfriend with sideburns

Sky ride- the most frighting ride of the day!

Afraid of heights or afraid of loosing our shoes?

Don't drop the camera

After log ride- it was a heavy log

Loggers Revenge

Today we met Tim, Val and Aidan for breakfast at Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos. Aidan didn't know we were coming to visit, so he was very surprised! We had a great breakfast, and then headed over to Tim and Val's house to start a much needed load of laundry before we went to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

It was a beautiful day, so we spent the afternoon playing games and going on rides. We even tried to drag Aidan on the log flume, but he withstood the peer pressure and refused. Santa Cruz was full of weirdos, you would have thought it was Halloween by the way people we dresses, but no, just a normal day in Santa Cruz. Tim told us the theme of Santa Cruz was "Keep Santa Cruz Weird"-- and we can attest to that!

After a long day of wining prizes and getting sick off of rides, and eating a very healthy lunch of pretzels, diet coke and french fries, we left the Boardwalk by about 5pm.

We all went out to a delicious dinner at Crows Nest, right on the harbor. We had a great dinner full of laughs and reminiscing about when Danica lived out in CA during college. Tim jokingly gave Hannah a hard time for her exhaustive and very specific dinner order, and Aidan kept us laughing with silly comments and questions and jokes only a 6 year old would understand-- ahhh to be 6 again!

A short drive back to Los Gatos where we will spend the night at Tim and Vals, and on to San Francisco tomorrow!

Thank you Tim and Val for such a wonderful day!!!

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