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cindy hard at work



Reminder to self…. Don’t wait until the temperature gets in the mid 90’s to begin getting ready to go on an extended trip.

We started loading “the baby” on Wednesday and are now on the road. YIPPEE!!!! While Cindy was closing out the school year, Skip was battling the heat. It sure is tough trying to figure out what to take when you have limited storage space. Cindy wanted to bring her entire wardrobe, summer and winter. Skip said that if the weather gets cold that we will head farther south. Cindy was having none of it as we hope to be in the northeast during the fall so maybe we will need some warm clothes. Skip thinks that two outfits will suffice as most people will only see you once, not like at home where everyone sees you daily…guess who won that argument? Not Skip!!!!

So now the house is a wreck and so is “the baby." We got everything put away in motor home, not the house. If someone breaks in, they will think someone beat them to it. LOL We have someone to cut grass and maintain yard and someone to get mail and send it to us when we know where will be a week in advance. We had the city cut off water so no water, sewer,or trash pickup. WE also emptied the fridge and unplugged everything that had a plug on it. We are ready to hit the road!!!!!!!!

We left Friday morning at 10:00 and headed down I-95. We are on the way to a niece's wedding. We had originally planed to go I-40 straight to AZ. Then we found out about the wedding of Sarah and Andrew so are headed to Fla. That is the good thing about our type of travel…you can change your plans very easily. Sometimes!!

On the first day we traveled 300 miles an stopped in Woodbine, Ga for the night. We are both dead on our feet so quick meal and in bed by 9:00.

We slept until about 8:00 and then hit the interstate once again. Today we traveled 230 miles and are now in Spring Hill, Fl. Cindy’s little brother and his family reside here. We will visit with them and attend the wedding tomorrow; also will continue to stow things in the motor home.


That is the name that Cindy gave the motor home. At first it was “MY baby”. Skip asked why it was hers when he does all maintenance and all the driving and all see does is sightsee and SLEEP. So we compromised on “the baby” here after known as “baby”.

Baby is a 2002 Coachmen Cross Country motor home. It is 38 feet long and has one slide out. It is powered by a Cummins ISB Diesel engine (270 hp). It is a pusher which makes for a quiet ride.

Baby rides on Michelin tires--don’t want to buy them again anytime soon. She gets about 9.5 to 10.5 mpg. I know, that’s not much. Remember we are spending the kids’ inheritance. She has a 90 gallon fuel tank . We carry 90 gallons fresh water and have two 45 gallon holding tanks for our black and gray water. For non rv'ers black water is the stinky stuff and gray water is bath and dish water.

Also on board is an Onan 6.5 KW generator which powers all electric if not in campground with hook-ups. Also have a Xantrex 1800 watt inverter. This converts 120 volt ac power out of 12 volt dc power. This is stored in four t-120 Trojan batteries. We use this if we have no hook-ups and and it is quiet hours and can’t use generator.

We pull a 2006 Saturn Vue attached to baby with a blue-ox alegeuis tow bar. The Vue works very well as a toad.

Need to get ready and go see some family. More on set-up later.

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