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After a not so great nights sleep in a bug infested room with no air (sounds terrible right? I guess it could have been worse...) I started the morning with a really good breakfast over by the fountain and parked it there for awhile talking to my server (Thong), writing in my journal and reading a book. Then I wandered over to the morning market. It is by far the biggest market I have every seen, with more jewelry than you could even imagine. I bought a neat ring there, but my fingers must have been swollen when I tried it on because now it's sliding off. Anyway, I managed to spend a good amount of time there, window shopping, if you will. The place was gigantic, two stories high of everything. Then I somehow landed myself at a spa. Oops! I can't say no to the price of these massages...but this one that I had today was by far the best one I have every had. It was an aromatherapy massage with "champa oil" which is the flower of Laos. It is intended to literally massage all of the toxins out of your body. Sorry, you probably don't care to hear all of these details, but the bottom line is that I don't think I will ever get a massage that good ever again! After taking a really long shower at the spa, I felt really refreshed and was back out on the town. My friend Thong at the restaurant I went to in the morning suggested I take a look at "Buddah Park" while I am here; so that is what I did next. I didn't realize how far outside of Vientiane the park was, so I rode a tuk tuk there. I didn't pick any ordinary tuk tuk, I must have picked the oldest most run down tuk tuk in all of Asia. I thought the whole thing was just going to crumble to pieces with me in it, after stalling several times on the busiest highway. Then it got even better, we sped down on a little dirt rode for a good mile that was covered with huge bumps, pot holes and puddles, not slowing down at all of course...One bump sent me flying up high enough to rack my head on the top bar. I couldn't stop laughing at how crazy the whole ride was and thinking, "is this guy for real?". Finally we made it to the infamous Buddah Park and it was pretty amazing. Much like the sculpture park in Nong Kai, but right on the River, and much older. There was one huge statue that you can walk inside and a staircase leading you to the top where you can look out over the whole park. The first time I stepped inside, I got really creeped out, it was really dark and there were some windows into this center room and inside that was covered with skulls and bones...after I saw that I walked right out "no thanks". Then as I walked around the park some more, and took some pictures, I talked myself into going back into the creepy statue so I could make it to the top. Which I am glad that I did because the views over the park were incredible. Then I decided to have my favorite tuk tuk driver, who waited for me at the park, take me back to the friendship bridge because it was a lot closer than going back to Vientiane. So here I am back in Nong Kai...I just bought a flight to head to Chang Mai tomorrow. Sean is going to hang out here for awhile I guess, until he feels better and then try to meet up with me wherever I am. Should be interesting!

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