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Cool! Bald eagle up close!

And closer!

On the water

We were well prepared in parkers and wet weather gear!

Jon doing some stretches!

The keen fisherman

Doin' some jigging

And over the shoulder for something different!

Gustavus dock

On the boat - trying to keep warm!

Trying to reel in the first big hit!

It would have been this big! (but it got away!)


But still happy!


Another beautiful view

Ok....when we first got to L.A. and we were waiting for the shuttle, we thought the air was cool and we were a little chilly! (We thought we were freezing! What did we know!)

When we arrived in Seattle, we thought there was a definite chill in the air - we were wearing our jumpers and a second layer! (Again..what did we know!)

When we arrived in Gustavus yesterday and went out on the boat, yes, it was chilly, the wind had a bite to it, but the sun was out, it was a beautiful day with a few clouds around!

TODAY....however, it was a quite cloudy when we got up. It was cool but ok but we were going fishing and we knew it would be cool on the water so we took gloves, beanie and jackets as well as having on wet weather gear - boots, pants and another jacket! I was thinking - ok, maybe we will need them but even with the cloud around, it was a beautiful morning! OH! HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! It was freezing cold! And I was eternally grateful for every layer I had on! We were fishing for Halibut today and I am proud to say that I got the first hook up! I am not pleased to say, that it got off the line just before it got to the top of the water after an almighty 10 minute battle! It was very hard to pull in so you can imagine how HUGE it was! (Sorry no photo - you will have to take my word for it!) Actually, I am told it was probably a pretty decent sized fish. It was hard to tell at first as we were using 4 pound line with a 4 pound sinker on it! A bit different to fishing at home where as soon as you feel the nibble, you pull back. Here you wait, wait, watch it nibble, wait, and you wait for the fish to actually completely hook itself before you start pulling! It was great fun! Tiring though! Unfortunately, we did not have much luck for the rest of the day! We were fishing with another couple from the States and the guy ended up catching a small halibut by jigging (we were deep sea fishing) his lure on the bottom but that was it apart from a few nibbles. We were happy to hear that all of the other boats out on the water today were having the same luck as we were - so that made us feel better! However, in spite of the freezing cold (spanner!) weather and no fish to show you, we had a sensational day on the water with the views alone!

A couple of other very exciting things we saw today:

1. Bald eagles - everywhere on the beach. Got a great shot of one about a metre away from us on one of the pylons on the dock with the mountains in the background!

2. Sea otters in the wild! Floating on their backs like the photos from the aquarium - way cooler in the wild!

3. Dolphins or porpoises - whatever!

4. Orca whales - yes orca not humpback - very cool!

5. More humpback whales!

6. More birds than you can possibly imagine! This place is a bird watcher's heaven!

As we were hungry by the time we got home, we decided to ride down to one of the cafe's and have a dinner of halibut there seeing we didn't see any today! It was all good - even though we rode down in the rain and freezing cold (you only imagine with our jackets and wet weather gear - except without the pants and boots!). If it's gonna be this cold, it should be snowing!

All in all - another spectacular day in Alaska!!!

Interesting fact: The sun rises at some ridiculous hour like 3.30am and does not set until around 10.30pm. Long day? mmmmmmm........

Photos to come in a couple of days! Internet is too slow here!

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