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Today it rained a lot here, it was raining when we got up this morning, stopped for a bit during the afternoon but still was extremely humid...and then rained most of the night. When I say rained, I actually mean monsooned. I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of mosquito bites I am getting either. This morning we taught two classes at the Government school. The kids in those classes were about 11 and 12...after doing some English lessons with them, we finished the class by getting our butts kicked in several games of Memory. They all thought it was so great that they were beating their "teacha's". I whipped out my skills at Dominoes though, and was able to knock out one win in that game...The kids were pretty good for the most part, listening to them attempt to read and repeat us was quite entertaining. Anything we would say, they would try to repeat it, but a lot of their letters would get mixed up...They have a really hard time saying the letter r, they want to say it like an l. Just like how we imitate the chinese "flied lice"...

Later in the afternoon we taught over at Isara...(kirk, the guy who started the school, also lives there...its a neat little building and he had totally dedicated his life to raising money for the school and to teach these little guys, its incredible) The kids there were my favorite. They range from age 5 to 13. We taught them about the different names for members in our family and tried to teach them how to draw a family tree, but they all ended up just copying our family tree that we drew on the board. Then we gave them a word search to find all of the names we taught them and I sat down to do one myself. Seconds later, they were all swarming around me and copying every word I found. I had a good time there!!! We hung out at Isara for the rest of the night then...the monsoon rain really puts a damper on going out and exploring.

Hopefully the weather is a bit better tomorrow!!!

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