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Hello Point Loma, North Side of San Diego Harbor

Navy Hovercraft was entering to celebrate our return! Well maybe they were...

Bye San Diego

Mike and Andrea on Blue Aweigh. After 3 shots this was the...

On 5/29/08 (Mike Jr.s 24th birthday) we arrived in San Diego harbor. After a friendly meeting with a customs official that was young enough to be my son, we were in the clear to leave the boat and dock. We stayed at the police dock next door to customs. It was a pleasant afternoon on Shelter Island where we stopped into some local marine stores and enjoyed a beer and dinner at the Brigantine which came highly recommended. The best part about the afternoon was shopping in the San Diego Mariners Exchange store which is set up as a wholesale marine supply house, it had everything. After 7 months in Mexico which has such a limited supply of everything we want and need and can't be obtained at almost any price, we were overjoyed to find little things.

We left San Diego at daybreak and headed to Avalon on Catalina Island for a few nights. As it turned out Mike Jr. and his finance, Andrea came out via the Catalina Express so we could spoil them up a little. Since we haven't seen them for 3 months it was really special. Andrea even got the dinghy planing! We really needed a few days to rest and decompress here. Shopping at Vons in Avalon was a real thrill too. They had everything. In Mexico we just became used to choosing what was available versus buying whatever you want in the U.S. as everything can be obtained.

Today we arrived in Marina Del Rey to begin some warranty work on the boat. As it turns out our boat was outfitted really well for this trip and we are happy to say that little has gone wrong. Nonetheless, we will be here for a short time before returning to Ventura and back to family life and the landlord business. Well maybe that starts today. I just learned we will drive our car(which our salesguy delivered to Marina Del Rey for us) tomorrow to Ventura to change out the water heater and water softener at what used to be our residence until we moved aboard Blue Aweigh last October. Guess we are back after all.

BTW - You may notice black dots on the left side of my photos. This is a result of the camera dumping on the kayak adventure on New Year's Eve in Punta Carrizal. Will be obtaining a new one soon.

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