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I successfully met up with my friend Sean in Bangkok and we're staying in a little suburb of Bangkok for the night and tomorrow we're flying up to Nong Kai. The guest house that we're staying is in really cool. It's got a nice pool and poolside restaurant, and our room faces out to it with a balcony and aircon. I'm using the internet here as well and the owner just brought me a nice cold glass of white wine. When we got here we just walked around and explored for a little bit and Sean taught me some basic thai words like "hello", "thank you" and some numbers. The people here are extremely friendly, but I'm still not confident enough to speak thai to them yet, and my face hurts from smiling so much. They love us here, just walking down the street you can hear the locals saying "foreigners" in thai and driving by and smiling. We just chatted it up with these locals at their store for awhile (well Sean mostly spoke to them, I just smiled and laughed when they did...) but they invited us to stay for dinner, although we decided not to, but we took a mango to go. I'm sweating like crazy and still haven't needless to say, I'm fitting in well. We're gonna go into to town and have a beer, so that is all for now.

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