Australian Medical Trip May-Sept 04 travel blog

Brisbane from the riverfront

Brisbane from my hotel room

The old government center is now a casino, with style

Familiar scene worldwide

A Peepul Tree, same type as the Buddha sat under for enlightenment

This Ibis is sort of a pigeon equivalent in the parks

Los Angeles, Then on to Fiji and Brisbane.

Brisbane is a new modern city of 1.6 million people, with hills, views, a major river winding beautifully thru not unlike San Antonio, and everything orients to river views. Markets restaurants parks and cultural centers are all arranged wonderfully with a sense of taste and planning control that I've never seen in the US.

I went for a walk to get exercise before dropping off to sleep at an absurd hour due to jet lag. On the way I grabbed a steak and kidney pie from a street vendor. Paid for it by winnings at the sedate and expansive Casino. Stayed at the Grand Chancellor Hotel.

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