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Possibly our laziest days so far considering we didn't actually do anything!

We enjoyed walking past the lagoon and across the beach to reach the local shops to do some super market shopping!

The weather the beautiful every single day and we spent loads of time chilling out and reading our books!

We are currently living with Ghecko's at the momment... when we first found the poo we thought we had rats in our room and we were freaking out and were very jumpy for a couple of hours (mainly me) just ioncase they ate our toes! But we soon realised that actually we had a friendly population of ghecko's living in the ceiling beams!

They were very cute and very useful for eating the mozies and other bugs!

Other then that no news from here really!

Other then when Lizzie fell through the deck chair and broke it, which i found extremely amusing but lizzie was more just in general shock! Ha! Classic!

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