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We made it!! The gang on top of Pedra da Gavia, with...

Arrived in Rio safe and sound after about 12.5 hours on a very comfortable bus. Got a warm reception this time round as we ignored the rip off taxis, and jumped on a bus. The driver even offered to share his coffee with us!!It felt good to be back. Checked back in with our friend Bobby, (we'll tell you about him later) who we always stay with in Rio. The following day we went out at lunch to watch Arsenal win the league, and bumped into 5 other travelling brits, of which 3 are on our flight out of South America!!! It's a small world! For our first week back we hung out with these guy's, living the Rio beach life. About half way through the first week, we met some local guy's who offered tot take us trekking up Rio's highest mountain. Bare in mind we agreed to this whilst very drunk on Caprioska's (neat Vodka with lime and sugar!). So we kept to our agreement and met up with them on the Saturday morning. Totally un-prepared for what lie ahead!! Basically the first half was trekking through fairly dense and steep forest, challanging enough for two unfit piss heads. When we reached the halfway point, the forest ended and we were faced with a section of rock we came to know as the 'Death climb!'. We survived. Just. Once at the top the views were nothing short of stunning, even saw a passenger jet pass lower than us! The journey down was much easier and we went out to celebrate our victorious climb that evening. Our friends from England arrived the following day, so we spent the next two weeks hanging out with them, doing some sightseeing, laying on the beach, and lots and lots of drinking!!!! So, this is where we are at the moment. We are about to set of to Bolivia, via a couple of small places in western Brazil. We will update the site when we have more stories to tell..........

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