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Gobmacked in Barzil!!

From the port of Paranagua, we caught a very small, wooden boat over to the Island. On the way we met an American and Israeli couple who we ended up hanging out with. Basically, it rained for the entire boat trip, kept raining when we got to our Pousada (lodging hut), rained all night and all the next day. Now bear in mind this is a SMALL island.No cars, roads, nightclubs, supermarkets etc. Just a small selection of hostels, a few resturaunts/bars, and one dodgy pool hall. We spent alot of time swinging in our hammocks outside our room, watching wildlife whilst enjoying the occasional 'doobie'. Our second night we got very drunk with our friends and some locals, then the next day it actually stopped raining so we ventured out and walked round the island. Saw some beaches, lovely views, lots of crabs etc. Basically we spent a lot of time drinking as there wasn't much else to do when the weather was bad. After 3 days on the Island, we decided to head back to the mainland and back to Rio, to meet some friends from England.

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