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Our monster taxi

Beautiful Lake Wabby

A friendly local!

Driving down the beach

75 Mile Beach from Indian Head

Another stunning view!

The wreck of the Maheno.

Lake Mackenzie

James tries out the natural conditioner....

Lake Mackenzie beauty salon!

Next stop Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand island, by way of Hervey Bay. The island has been created over millions of years by sand drifting up the coast and is now a very green lush place full of amazingly beautiful fresh water lakes, pure bred dingo's (wild ozzie dogs), really big spiders and lots of extremely deadly snakes!

There are no proper roads on Fraser, just sand tracks and the beach to drive along. This means that you do one of two things to get about, get yourself a 4 wheel drive and camp, or get on a big 4 wheel drive bus and get taken to the good bits and stay in a proper bed and get fed too. We were really rather knackered after all the driving and a rather big night at the backpackers in Hervey Bay as we bid au revoir to Mike and Emily who were heading straight on down to Byron Bay. This in mind we got the bus! We had a really nice crowd and proceeded to enjoy 2 days of walking, swimming, sightseeing and being driven up the beach at rather alarming speeds!

Fraser is definitely a must see place. I think next time though we'll drive ourselves as it really is a place to go exploring!

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