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Arrived after a 19 hour bus journey (!) and spent just 5 hours visiting the falls. Yet on our way we did encounter a rather infuriating situation. My (Sam) was nicked along with my bag, so therefore was carrying a brand spanking new one, which didn't have a entry stamp in it. Thus,whilst trying to exit through the Argentinian border into Brazil, instead of the officials apologising for my misfortune, the bastards fined me!! That's right, they fined me for getting robbed in their own country!! I was more than a little upset and harsh words were spoken.Unfortunately, he had a gun so I didn't push the matter, and coughed up the 50 Peso's so I could get into Brazil. Anyway, we finally got obver the border into Brazil and up to the falls. Tehy were a spectacular, amazing, beautiful sight - 275 waters falling 80 meters onto the Iguazu river. They are the biggest waterfalls by volume in the world! Very noisy and very wet.

Took lots of pix and got back on the bus for another 23 hours - fun! Rio catnival here we come!!!!!

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