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So after a goodbye to Egypt we caught the 5 hour flight to London, being Egypt time though the flight was 45 minutes late. Leaving in 35 degree heat and arriving to 15 degrees was a bit of a shock to the system, I needed a jumper for the first time in like 5 months. After checking into our hotel near kings cross we headed to see Piccadilly Circus at night and since it was 10pm grabbed some pizza hut for tea – they have Magners on the menu – yep that’s right I can get cider in every pub here and even in the local pizza joint! The next day was full of sight seeing we decided to go by foot firstly to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards, we watched a bit but as it goes for over an hour we gave up half way through and headed to Victoria station to organise our day trip for Wednesday. Next up was Westminster abbey and the Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) and across the Thames to the London Eye, luckly it was a pretty clear day so we got a pretty good overview of the city. Then after accidentally walking through a film set we ended up at the Tate Modern gallery where we saw some interesting and some disturbing pieces. Then past the Shakespears Globe Theater and across London Bridge we ended up in front of St Pauls Cathedral, by now it was about 6pm and we were starving having missed lunch so we headed to the local Irish pub O’Neills for tea. After covering over 16km by foot my knee was buggered and I could barley walk again. On Wednesday we rose early for our Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath tour it was all really cool except for the fact that I was in agony. The cathedral at Salisbury was massive – it actually has the second tallest spire in all of Europe, but the stained glass windows and the roof pictures were something to see. After that it was out to Stonehenge not a very impressive site after seeing the temples that the Egyptians left behind around the same time – but we had to see it, the only bad thing was all the tourists getting in my photo shots ha ha. Next we were onto Bath, a beautiful city itself but we had little time to look around the city after touring through the baths although we did see where Johnny Depp lives when in London. Then it was a 3hr drive back to London followed by some anti inflammatories (for my knee) and a good sleep. Thursday morning we headed to Madame Tussadues where Brent got to feel up Brittany Spears and I got to meet Shrek and Spidy and showed John Howard what I really thought of him. After that we headed to Harrods department store which was massive we wandered around looking at things that we couldn’t afford then grabbed some lunch and went and sat in Hyde Park. Then after a wander though Kensington Gardens - and having made a friend with a squirrel because we kept feeding him almonds – we ended up in Notting Hill. But we forgot to check where all the filming for the movie was done so we just headed to Portabello road for a look see but since my knee was flaring up we decided to catch the tube home. Friday I was feeling a lot better so we wandered around the city, Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Wellington Arch, Park Lane, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden Market, Regent and Oxford st then back home. Later that night we headed out to Leicester Square for dinner and then wandered through Soho and China town. Today we had an easy day waking late and heading straight to Camden which is awesome I only wish I had enough space to buy a whole new wardrobe! But now we have worked out where Notting Hill was screened we are heading back there now!! Contiki starts on Sunday Night woo hoo!!

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