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Just a police car....



Trevi Fountain

Willy at the panthenon


Inside the colesseum

Willy at the colesseum



Ruins of ancient rome


At the vatican

One of the paintings in the vatican museum

This photo doesnt do this roof justice

The spiral staircase, the photo to take in the vatican museum

St Pauls

THe swiss guards


The roof of St Pauls

We didn’t plan on visiting Rome this time, but as all roads lead to Rome we couldn’t resist! They say a lifetime isn’t enough for Rome, so our 3 days certinaly wouldn’t be.

After the usual 2 hours of driving around getting lost trying to find the camp ground we got on the train and headed straight into Rome. Its great that everything is within walking distance, on the first day we got to visit all the ‘semi major’ sites, the Trevi Fountain, the Panthenon, the Spanish steps and a couple of the piazzas. It seems every street you look down when walking around there is another treasure, another grand ancient building.

On Saturday we had a stage of the race 30kms out of Rome so we thought we would head into the Vatican City first thing so we could get to the race in the afternoon. Hmmm the line was 2 blocks long to get in and we really didn’t have that much time so we blew it off for the day and headed out to the race. We road about 50kms of the course, which was mainly up hill, finishing with a 3km climb. It was funny cos everyone was already on the sidelines waiting for the riders to come up the hill so they were all cheering us people just riding it so you had to go hard!

On the way home from the race we discovered it was Saturday.... its crazy not knowing what day it is! And the Vatican would be closed on Sunday, which we really should of thought about.

So Sunday we slept in and headed into Rome for a coffee and some pizza before visiting the Colosseum. We went inside and you can see all the levels and down into the basement where they used to keep the animals. Its so amazing and considering how old it is! Next we headed into the Roman Forum which is just in front of the Colesseum. It is a large area with escavations of the old city of Rome. Once again it is so amazing how old it is and all of the buildings.

Tomorrow we are getting up so early and we are going to be first in line to get into the Vatican! And then we are off to the east coast for a couple more of the race stages.

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