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Paul and I woke up at 5:45am Sunday morning. Ate a couple of bananas for breakfast, stopped at Ash Springs for gas and headed out to Rachel Nevada. (AKA Area 51) A 50 mile ride. Talked to a man out there that visited every year from Idaho for the UFO seminars that are held over Memorial Weekend, which is next weekend. Sounds like you would meet alot of interesting people at these meetings! Ate lunch there. As we ate I overheard a visitor say to the owner of the restaurant " I heard that the spaceships stop here quite often". She said "If they were going to stop anywhere I guess this is where it would be." "Have you seen any spaceships yourself?", he asked. "No", she said. "I have not seen any myself." He replied seriously, "Well, you work hard all day and you need your sleep. You can't stay up all night watching for them."

Talked to other bikers from San Jose California and Jackson California. They were headed to Utah to see Grand Canyon and Bryce among other stops.

Headed back to Ash Springs to see the cars from the race. When we arrived none of them were there! The race was delayed because during one of the first runs a Dodge Viper had blown an engine, leaked oil, spun out on the oil and had rolled. The driver and navigator in the Viper were not hurt badly, but the 8am start was delayed to after 1pm.

I had my handheld ham radio which was the only communications that anyone had as cell phones were not working out there. Using the frequencies that Tom (the ham radio operator at the finish line) gave me, I let them know when the race got underway again. I could also hear the numbers of the cars as they "were away" at the starting line. Finally some of the cars started showing up at our location in Ash Springs. A Ford GT was the first car to show up from the 150mph class. We saw Corvettes, a Nissan 350Z and a Mazda RX7. Also, Scott Howard from Trinity arrived in a yellow Corvette. He was a driver in the 150mph class also.

After a while we packed up the bikes and headed home. Alot of activity in 29 hours and a great weekend.

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