Andy's Meanderings 2008 travel blog

Just doing this so the map will update. Not sure how to update it without making an entry!!

Here in Bari now. Got the boat at 6pm last night and arrived here at 10am this morning. I was spewing I didn't get a room as I thought it wasn't that long a trip. I only had deck ticket, el cheapo! And when I asked the officer where I should go he pointed up some stairs then showed me out a door and I was literally on the deck!! I stayed there till we got moving and then went downstairs to find the pullman chairs and got comfy on one of those for the night. Had a meal and a few beers and tried to sleep but its difficult in those chairs, similar to planes really! Except you don't worry when you hear or feel bumps!! haha!

Got tickets sorted for Dubrovnik tonight, boat leaves at 10pm so I have some time to kill. Champions League final is on so hoping to watch that somewhere as well.

Arrive in Dubrovnik at 7am tomorrow. So see you there!

Cheers Andy.

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