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What a week it has been, I´ve hardly had chance to catch my breath lol! After the Colca Canyon we headed up to Nazca to see the Nazca Lines which was pretty awesome, although it was foggy when we arrived by bus at 5am and had to wait til late afternoon to fly in the 3-passenger aircraft due to a backlog of reservations. It was a lot of hanging around but we killed time visiting the museum and watching a video on the mystery of the lines which further stimulated our interest. After that we got a bus to Huacachina, an oasis in ther middle of the sand dunes in the Peruvian desert. It was such as tiny cool town and I had lots of fun sandboarding, which was totally exhilarating, and dune-buggying, a totally crazy experience. Our buggy driver was totally crazy and was driving up and down these huge dunes at mega speed. Luckily we were well strapped in but my 3rd pair of sunglasses unfortunately didn´t make it! I´m now on my 4th pair!

After that yesterday we went to the Ballestas Islands, nicknamed ´poor man´s galapagos´ which were good. We saw thousands of birds, mostly pelicans, cormorans and boobies literally on every inch of the islands and mass colonies of sea lions sunbathing on the rocks. We also saw some penguins, they were very cute! And then last night we got a last minute fight to the border of Ecuador and today we crossed the border by bus and are now working our way up through Ecuador, also in 1 week, before we fly home. Still haven´t got flights sorted which is a bit worrying! Looking forward to seeing you soon xxxxxxx

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