Gems Wanderings 2008 travel blog

I made it, just a quick note to say hi to everyone hope you’re all doing well. The plane was early initially on Saturday morning but then there was fog just over the airport it seemed! So attempted to land but couldn’t so circled around again while were told might have to fly to Sydney instead! No thanks I’m ready to get off this plane now!! But thankfully we landed on the second attempt. Got met at the airport in Brisbane by Brian, Angie and Richard, which was a lovely welcome. We all came back to Cheryl and Brian’s for a cooked breakfast done on the BBQ, with them and Cheryl, Josh and his girlfriend Crystal were all there too!

Very strange to really what seemed like just magically appearing in another country, after being transported in boxes (tubes/airports/planes).

Grabbed a shower, felt a tad stinky after the long flight and Brian got out some maps of OZ, at least I think that was today may have been the day after ha! Then when Cheryl got back from work we went for a drive around local suburbs just to get an idea of where I was.

Thunderstorm in the evening!! Short but sweet. Hailed at Redcliffe where Angie and Richard were tho.

Managed to stay awake till 6pm then that was it, I may have not given up on staying awake but my eyelids had!

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