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Sunset on Sinai

Bedouin tea

Belly dancing habibis

Sunrise on Mount Sinai

The 3000 steps of redemption

On the 14th we drove the 6 hours to the Sinai Peninsula. There is alot of security along the way because of the fights over the land and there was increased security because Bush was heading to Sharem El Sheik (on the south of the peninsula) for a conference. We got to drive under the Sue Canal and along the coast of the Red Sea the majority of the way - you could see all the oil rigs out in the ocean - which is why petrol only costs egyptians the equivelent of 40cents per liter. After arriving at our simple hostel we had dinner and then spent the night dancing and drinking tea with some of the local Bedouins (a region of people) until we dragged ourselfs to bed at 11pm because we were being woken at 1:30am to hike Mount Sinai.

After being woken early we headed to Sinai for our 3 hour hike - it was an effort i tell ya, we even traveled about a 3rd of the way up by camel until i flipped out cos i thought the camel was going to run me off the track and into the deep cavern below. Once at the top it was freezing and we sat waiting for the sun to rise - the sunrise itself wasnt that spectacular becuase of the haze of smog present across all of Egypt but the scenery from the top was fantastic. We decided to take the 3000 Steps of Redemption down to Saint Katherines Monestary where Moses is said to have spoken to the burning bush. After a shower and some breakfast we started the 2 hour drive to Dahab - a Red Sea resort known for its dive sites.

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