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Home of Cord, Deusenberg and Auburn

Detail of building

Detail of showroom, note art deco original lights

1937 Cord

Interior detail

Look at those curves


Dick inspects a beauty

1936 Cord

Remember revolving cars?


Interior detail

Pretty 'baby blue' one


Etched glass

Hood ornament

Auburn hood ornament

Deus Limo

Spare detail

Auburn Grill


Jazzy Auburn

All original . . . in good shape

Another view of the showroom area

A commemorative quilt

1967 Cobra . . . Brian would love this one

1940 Pontiac "Woody"


1916 Rauch and Lang

A Rolls Royce


Auburn had a surprise for us. The Cord, Deusenberg, Auburn Auto Factory was located here and they've preserved the building which included the factory and dealer showroom and filled it with beautifully restored vehicles. What a treat to see so many of this historic cars. We also heard that once a year owners of these beauties from all over the country bring their cars back to Auburn for a parade and other special events. When the streets are filled with hundreds of them it must be a sight to see. We'll put it on our future schedule. Of course we know our NY friends Harry and Allie would absolutely love this museum even if they aren't all Fords!

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