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Ratty! Temple of Rats, Bikaner

Rat Temple - nice looking place apart from the rats

A Feast of Milk (left in the hot sun all day). YAK!

Catching flies in your teeth - riding on the bus roof, Bikaner

The roof top seemed to be a popular choice.....

Bikaner is a small town, on the outskirts of the desert which was a stopping place for a night before an onward trip to Amaritsar in the Punjab. After the 7 hour trip, we arrived early evening and managed to get a cheap hotel for the night. We met up with another french couple there and the following day, went sight seeing in a group of 6.

The first stop was a "Temple of Rats", and the reality lived up to the name, quite disgusting. The trip back on the bus was another interesting event. Since there were no seats inside the bus, we were ushered onto the top of the bus with many other indians, and there we sat with the wind in our hair as we travelled the 40mins bus ride back. Hasir raising it certainly was, but an experience not to be forgotten.

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