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Bye Cabo

Fun in the sun

We were under power overnight and arrived in Cabo San Lucas this afternoon, where our journey began just 7 short months ago. We never could have imagined how wonderful this experience would be.

So far we have logged 3,500 nautical miles on this adventure with at least another 1,000 to go. Today after fueling, provisioning, getting cash and finding the internet we will be off and running. The weatherman, Don Anderson, is calling for a mild weather window from Friday afternoon through Tuesday. We hope to make Turtle Bay (about 400 miles) by then as we will most probably then need to wait out a period of 25 knot winds as predicted on Wednesday. Then we will power uphill as far as we can. As it turns out very little sailing can be done up or down the coast without tacking far, far out to sea. It took us 9 days to get to Cabo from San Diego. We will be lucky to make it back in 14. Time will tell. This is why this run is called the “Baja Bash”. This stretch is all upwind and up current. Many sailors have put their boats to rest in San Carlos out of the water (on the hard) until next season., mainland side of the Sea of Cortez. The downside is that we hear that boats get really beat up by the 110 degree summers and possibility of hurricanes and everything has to be removed from the boat or stored inside. Of those that are taking their boats north for the summer, most are wifeless. As the wives have flown home while their husbands have friends or a skipper on board to assist them. I hope I don’t regret my decision to stay with the ship. Well tonight will be another overnight run, just another of many more to come in the near future. Such is the life of sailors….

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this won’t be a milk run. Next update will be back in the U.S. where cell phone service, grocery stores and plentiful internet cafes abound.

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