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A very small Doug with some very large marbles

Broken marble

Helen and a backdrop of marbles

On the fourth consecutive day of long distance driving the heat really started to take it's toll and the insanity kicked in. The lack of radio made us start singalongs to pass the time and if it wasn't for the Devil's Marbles we might have moved onto such tragedies as The Wheels on the Bus and I-Spy! Fortunately they are a genuinely amazing sight and well worth stopping in the obscene heat for.

They were formed over thousands of years as the granite they are made from eroded to form huge spheres, some of which are stacked up in piles, others are freestanding defying gravity, as you can see from the pictures. Sadly we were attacked by vicious flies and a fear that the car might not start again (we were alone there and off the highway) so we swiftly moved on.

Arriving in Alice Springs was like finding water after four days of drought! It is a substantial town which thrives in the middle of the desert. We found another great motel with a friendly owner and a homely British pub in which we had a much needed decent dinner. We then had another early night before the excitement of Uluru!

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