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Abu Simbel

Hieroglyphics at Komombo temple

Banks of the Nile from our Riverboat

Edfu Temple

Our group in costume

Spices at the Aswan Market

The first thing to note about Aswan is how much cleaner it is than cairo. I think people might even use bins here. Also there is way less traffic. As the 8th of May was a free day after we checked into our hotel (with a Nile view) i headed out with the others for a traditional lunch and some shopping. Brent was still ill so was passed out on the bed. As we were having a drress up party on the boat the next night we decided to find our outfits. The men in the markets were crazy they all yell at you to come into their store or yell 'Hey Australia let me help you spend your money' or 'I don't know what you want but i know i have what you need'. Or they block your way so you have no where to go but into their store. Also they were alot skankier than the men in Cairo, i got at least 5 marriage proposals and an offer of 300 million camels, i aldo got felt up a couple of times and one guy wouldnt let me out of his store - he wanted 55 pound for a belt and i only wanted to pay 50 so then he wanted 50 & a kiss (Grose!!) so he was grabbing my arm so i couldnt leave but somehow i got out of there and found the other girls just in time to be abused in arabic by some woman because we wouldnt go into her store. After that it was back to the hotel where i got my first bouts of bali belly so brent and i were tag teaming it for the loo all night and missed out on the Felucca ride and the Nubian (the area between Aswan and Sudan) dinner. On Friday the 9th we were woden at 3:30am dor the 3 hour ride to Abu Simbel. Tourists have to drive in a police escorted convey so you arn't targeted by terrorists - so we had a copper on our bus with an AK47 in hand the whole way. We drove over the Aswan High Dam which created Laker Nasser and the whole reason why Abu Simbel had to be moved. It is the temple of Ramses II, also on site is the temple of his favourite wife Queen Nefertiti. Both tombs were quite amazing. The only down falls of the site is all the bloody tourists (yes im aware im one too) but the rude old german bags were taking away the speciality for me, also the shop vendors here were much worse than in Aswan and were just getting me pissed off. Then it was another 3 hours through the Nubian desert on the bus to arrive at our riverboat. The boat was awesome with a pool deck on top yay i can attempt to go brown. Being sick of eating rice Brent, Corey, Jayne, James and myself decided to find maccas - unfortunatley it was having its grad opening that day and it wasnt open yet so we had to settle for pizza. After lunch we headed back through the market, and caught a taxi back to the boat only we nearly died several times cos the taxi driver wouldnt stop staring at me - and when he asked brent if i was his wife he said 'No' - prick!!. As lunch was the first meal brent had eaten in like 2 days he was pretty sick again and later that night our tour leader called out a locum to check him out - he had a fever and low blood pressure so was given some drugs to help him out - mean while i was downstairs watching the whirling dervisher and getting sexy eyes from the bellydancer.

The morning of the 10th (brent still feeling shit house) i headed to Komombo temple - this temple is special because it is the only temple in Egypt dedicated to two gods - the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Horus. The symmetry of the temple was pretty cool and also there was a birthing room because women wanted to give birth under the protection of the gods. Also on site was a Nileometer which is basically a big well with a staricase on the inside which they could walk down to measure the water level of the Nile therefore estimating the crop yields for the year.

Then it was back to the boast to sail to Edfu - the Edfu temple is dedicated to Horus who is said to have slain his uncle seth here after seth had killed his father Osiris. The temple is significant because it is the best preserved temple in egypt because it was covered in sand for 2000 years, so you can still see some colour in the heiropglyphics. Unfortunatley the christians used the temple as a place of refuge from the romans and thinking that the temple was paganistic they destroyed alot of the carvings and scrathed out the gods faces and their cartuches.

Then it was back to the boat (where brent was feeling 100%) for a big cook up including the local speciality koshari (pasta, spaghetti, lentils, rice, onions in a tomato sauce) it was very yummy. At about 9:30 our party started, everyone looked great and Dani even dressed up like a mummy. There was alot of games, drinks, belly dancing - everyone had alot of fun and we docked at Luxor at 10pm.

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