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Look! - Outside in a T-Shirts, at last

Bedroom window

Kitchen Window

The Village of Insenthal

Our house/backyard

Our Street

Hand Carved Wooden Headstones

Some Signficant Bear's Claws Not sure why they are there, but they're...

Close-up of Famous Bear's Claws?????????


After Winterthur we moved on to Insenthal. A quiet little village nestled in the mountains of Switzerland, not far from Altdorf where William Tell shot a crossbow arrow through an apple on his son’s head. I did suggest to the boys that we do a re-enactment video for the travel blog but they weren’t into it. I even offered to change the story so that I just chuck apples at their heads, but they couldn’t be swayed.

When feeling fatigued in France we begrudged the 25 different beds we had slept in with their too hard/soft mattresses and inadequate pillows and we longed for home. In Isenthal we awed at the wonder of the snow covered mountains outside our kitchen window and wistfully reminisced about the 28 different views we have had out of our 28 different kitchens and wished that our journey would never end. Mountains filled the horizon in every direction and clouds wafted by our front door adding to the surreality of the landscape.

Across the road from our house was the local school. We used to feel sorry for Bridgetown kids having to walk home from school up and down all those Bridgetown hills, but you should see what the Swissies have to deal with. Not hills, mountains. What’s more school here starts at 7:30am. Our kids have trouble walking to the breakfast table by 7am, let alone walking up/down mountains to school. To make things worse, lunch is considered the “family meal” here in Switzerland. School closes for two hours over lunch and all the little Swissies have to walk home up/down the mountains, have a hearty lunch of sausage and cheese fondue and then walk up/down the mountains back to school again, learn for another two hours, then walk up/down the mountains all the way home.

Our kids ‘bravely’ shouted out at the school kids across the street and on the last day plucked up the courage to go out and play with them.

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