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Willy and his latte

Pria A Mare

We are now on the east coast of Italy which seems to be a little beachside resorts one after another. It is just below the Amalfi Coast so its the same blue ocean and mountain backdrops. We are settling in to the following the race routine, choosing what bits we want to see as its too hard to do it all.

This morning we had our first decent ride we road to the race start which was 30kms away, sat at a little cafe and had a couple of latte’s and a chocolate crossont watched the race start and rode back to our caravan park. My bike feels awesome! Its so light and everything runs so smoothly

When we were riding in, Willy was a little in front of me and one of the Giro riders, who was out warming up caught up to me. I don’t know who he was but he just started chatting away to me in Italian. Obviously I had no idea what he was saying and must of had the stupidest look on my face so he is repeating what he said so I said sorry I didn’t speak Italian, he turned his nose up and rode off!

Its a beautiful day today so we are just relaxing, maybe we will roll into town for another couple of lattes!

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