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Lake Como

The Cathedral

This is the only pic I have so far of the bike,...

Our only reason for stopping in Como on our way to Sicily was to buy me a new bike! There is an awesome bike shop in Como (called comobike.com) which stocks all the Italian made bikes/components and clothes at awesome prices and it is run by a South African guy, so to help with the language barrier.

Como sits on Lake Como (funnily enough!) which is 120kms around surrounded by towering mountain peaks. The city centre is an old walled citadel, the centrepiece a beautiful basilica and piazza now filled with designer stores. One of the first things I noticed in Italy was how well everyone dresses and when looking in the news agency the other day we even found a Vogue magazine for children.....

There are pizza shops everywhere! It seems all you can get to eat is Pizza, without pineapple of course! We had a beautiful margarita the first night we arrived, cooked by Mama. And the coffee!! We are in heaven, we have not had a bad coffee yet and the pastries too...... We will have to do a lot of cycling on this trip so not to put on any weight!

As I have said before, I do not expect anyone in a non English speaking country to speak English but we were very spoilt in Asia! As I expected not so many people speak English here, though it has not been a real problem, sign language helps and if you listen carefully a lot of words are similar or familiar and you can work it out.

Anyway back to the main reason we are here, my bike. Have a look at the pictures! It is extremely sexy! Top of the line, carbon, shiny black and blue, De Rosa King X-light.

So with the bike sorted and the van modified to carry two bikes we are off on another long journey to Sicily for the start of the Giro de Italia.

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