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The beast


Inside the beast. Looking from the back to the front

And from the front to the back

Well we spent a week in London going from one side of the city to another trying to find a van that suited our needs, to sleep and carry the bikes, for our trip to Italy to follow the Giro de Italia (Italy’s tour de France). We finally settled on one of the first vans we saw a 1993 DAF Leyland 400 and it’s a beast! I try not to laugh every time I look at it, but knock on wood so far its gone great, well except the time it caught on fire...... (Willy squashed one of the stereo wires when he was trying to fix the stereo) and it doesn’t use too much fuel. By the way, stop complaining about the price of fuel in Australia, here we are paying the equivalent of AU$2.50 a litre!!

It used to be a mini bus so it has windows all down the sides, the seats have all been taken out except for the first row. There is a bed at the back with lots of storage underneath that you can access through the back doors and during the day when we are driving we pack up the bed and strap the bikes onto it. There are cupboards down each side, overhead luggage space and a bar fridge.

After we brought the van we headed out of London to find a caravan park to make a few modifications to good old Moby. We added some carpet, laminated the bench tops, fixed some leaks, made some curtains (well I have currently hand stitched one out of 10 curtains!) and now we are off to Italy!!

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