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Land's End, Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Lowering the tender - this is how we had to go ashore...


The other side of Cabo from a Vacation Timeshare Resort

The pool at the house - each unit has one

The pool at the condos

The living room and kitchen in the condo

A sailing ship, our ship and parasailors

The pool on the ship

Parasailors as we're leaving Cabo

Leaving Cabo

Lunchtime dessert buffet



The atrium area - midship

Florante, our waiter, doing the disappearing rabbit trick

All that was left were some droppings!

Our dinner group - Pat, Dave, Jack, Ariel, Marian, Maureen, Larry, Flo,...

Chrysty hamming it up with Ariel, Asst Waiter, and Florante, Waiter

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas at 8 am on May 7. This was the one port where we had to tender ashore. A tender is necessary when a port either does not have a suitable dock or is full. The ship is anchored in the bay and uses the lifeboats to load up the people and take them ashore.

The temperature while in Cabo San Lucas was 82 Degrees with about 20% humidity and the water temperaturwas also 82 degrees.

Unfortunately, there were some delays so we had to wait for quite some time. The people that had scheduled shore excursions got off first and there were a lot of them. The first lifeboat that was loaded moved away from the ship and then the engines quit and they had to get the lifeboat back to the ship in some choppy waves, unload the people, move the faulty lifeboat, bring another lifeboat in and then re-load them. This took quite a while. There was also a medical emergency in the morning. We heard over the speaker that there was a Code Alpha on Baja Deck. We found out later that a 51 year old woman died of a massive heart attack. Her husband was already on a deep sea fishing tour and they could not tell him until he arrived back on board the ship. They apparently placed the lady in cold storage on the ship until it arrived back in port in Vancouver. They tell us that if you are going to have such an emergency the ship is a good place to be. They have state-of-the-art equipment and can be at any stateroom or other area within four minutes.

As we did not have any plans for going ashore, we stopped at the Map and Information Booth on the pier. We had been warned previously that these are not really tourist information kiosks, but time share presentation pick-up points. We figured what the heck, we were in the market for possibly something and Cabo seemed the nicest spot we had stopped at yet. It was beautiful all right. An incredible view. A van shuttled us to the other side of Cabo, the Pacific Ocean side, and this development included townhouses that you could purchase at the top of the hill called the MonteCristo, followed by condos on the lower level, with a five star hotel right on the beach. We should have clued in when he said that Ritz-Carlton would be building a huge hotel complex on the property as well the addition of two Jack Nicklaus designed 18-hole golf courses. Anyway it was extremely beautiful but expensive. To purchase one month at the MonteCristo was about $265,000 plus while you are in attendance it costs a further $2,000 a week for maid service/concierge/pool maintenance, etc. Dream on!!

We spent most of the morning and early afternoon viewing the time share. Then it was time to return to the ship and EAT, and the ship sailed at 4:30 pm. A very pretty spot without the extreme heat and humidity of our previous ports.

We then had two days at sea leading to San Francisco. The rolling waves began and the temperature dropped 20 degrees F. May 8 was our second to last formal night. Our wait staff was in fine form and Flo performed his disappearing rabbit trick that he had been promising us for days. He pretended there was movement under the napkin covering the plate and asked each of us to blow on it a couple times, and then, Voila! he took the cover off and all that was left were some droppings (chocolate chips) as the rabbit disappeared. We nearly died laughing. The next night we said goodbye to a lot of passengers who were disembarking at San Francisco, including Don and Sue at our dinner table. We will miss them but we have contact info and we may pull our RV up at their doorstep sometime! Remember the note that Flo gave Larry that said Lobster Tail? Well Larry tried to pass it off as a coupon. Flo really cracked up but couldn't accommodate unfortunately. We had a photo session and again a lot of fun.

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