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Squall coming towards us in Aruba

View from the ship

Looking at our ship from the shore

Maureen went for a walk and look what she found!


That's actually a blue coloured crab just below the brown spot in...

The guy on the right wasn't happy to have his photo taken!

Little Switzerland shopping area

More of Aruba

This is the harbour that was under that rain cloud!

Nice four-master

Hotel on the way out of Aruba

The hotel has its own lagoon!

Leaving Aruba

We arrived in Aruba at 7 am and left at 12:30 pm. Aruba was once the smallest island in the Netherlands Antilles and was discovered around 1500. It gained its independence in 1986.

Since we weren't here very long and the town of Oranjestad is not too far from the pier, we just went for a short walk through the port. As you can see from the photos, there is a lot of American influence here including a Burger King visible from the ship, a KFC and Dunkin' Donuts close by. We walked to the market but nothing was open yet. Maureen walked down to the breakwater and discovered a number of iguanas sunning themselves.

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