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Audrey And Anil With The Lights Of Our Favorite District

Anil Buying Our Tickets For Gyoza and Beer

Success - We Turned In Our Tickets And Enjoyed The Fruits Of...

A Plate Of Delicious Gyoza With Pickled Ginger On The Side!



Shibuya is the centre of teen culture in Tokyo and the young have made it their playground. It’s a great place for people watching and there are tons of restaurants, shopping malls and cafes, clubs and bars.

Amit sent us to Shibuya to find two great Indian restaurants, both named Samrat. They are located across the street from one another, one specializing in North Indian food and the other in South Indian dosas and sambar. On our first trek to Shibuya, we had trouble finding the correct street and ended up eating in a small Japanese soup and dumpling eatery. Go figure.

We were amazed to be directed to a vending machine where we purchased tickets for the menu items of our choice. Luckily the dishes had photographs that helped us decide what to order. There were some great looking noodle soups but we avoided them because we couldn’t tell if they contained seafood or fish. The waiters were surprised when we only bought tickets for one plate of dumplings and one glass of beer. We wanted to taste the food and sample the beer before we committed ourselves fully.

Happy to say everything was delicious and we stayed for a couple of hours, eating plate after plate of dumplings and washing them down with glasses of ice-cold beer. I think we got our money’s worth in free condiments - pickled ginger and chili paste. When we left, the waiters gave us an enthusiastic send off – I don’t think they see too many foreigners our age enjoying themselves so whole-heartedly.


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