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This is just about enough of the Tashkent Airport for any sane...

We're flying through Which-i-stan? - Nick writing

Now this is a little off of the original plan ...

"What's the fastest, cheapest way to go from Kathmandu to Tel Aviv?"

Who would have guessed Kathmandu to Delhi, Delhi to Tashkent, Taskhent to Tel Aviv.

And we have a 6 hour layover at 1 in the morning. I'm not certain, but I'm guessing the Tashkent airport is going to have a luxury lounge, a place for facials and pedicures, a hot night-club, and some great beds.

Or it may have a vending machine and some plastic red seats. Either or. I'll take dibs on a "chicken soup" out of the vending machine, instantly transporting me back to years in cold hockey rinks, drinking what appeared to be hot water that some chickens were forced to walk through.

And no worries about Uzbekistan Airways either - I've done the requisite Google search on their safety, and they appear to be as safe and modern as any other airline that makes the passengers sit in cargo nets alongside military equipment. I kid, I kid. It is modern and safe! Please parents, no worries!(I know Kit and Ian wouldn't worry - that's how Kyla used to travel back and forth to Germany as part of a Canadian Forces free flight).

Let's hope we can get a nice lookin' VISA stamp from Uzbekistan - cause that's really what the whole trip is about, right? Getting as many stamps as possible.

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