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When we were planning to go to India, Jaelene told us that it is like "stepping into a rainbow". There is a full range of color and intensity in clothing and in life. The fruits and vegetables are brightly colored. The Sari's are amazing - they compliment women of all ages, and they are sometimes breathtaking. In political life, there have been saints, and there are many (more than a dozen) who are in jail for criminal offenses, yet they run for office. People literally still live here like they lived in biblical times, yet there are places where you can buy a new car, access the internet, and phone around the world. Both the women and the men are stunning in their beauty.

This is a country of extremes. It can be too much. For me, I did not get enough. I enjoyed my time here immensely, and I could spend more time on the streets, at the next visit. There is always something going on, no matter where you are, and you become part of the script when you show up. The entertainment, I have found, is riveting. It is all about raw humanity, dependence on community, acceptance of our lot, and respect for one another and the other creatures in our life.

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