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Naxos by foot

Strolling through the olive groves

Naxos is a bigger island than Paros and much larger than Antiparos. I found a lovely little room in a four-plex which even has a communal fridge and a tiny balcony overlooking a rather overgrown garden. Every morning I would wander into the village to buy fresh bread and watermelon for my breakfast -- heaven!

I've explored the island on foot,

following the rutted roads and pathways that criss-cross the island. Olive groves

with lounging goats and sheep are everywhere and the air has a rich, dusty smell to it.

I am so totally relaxed after the hustle and bustle of central Europe. Life in Greece is ruled by a different set of priorities......beautiful scenery, good food, lots of family and everywhere, lots of fun!

There are lots of travellers here, who I mainly see at night. During the day, the narrow winding whitewashed alleys are busy thoroughfares for the locals. By night, they become outdoor cafes, with every available square foot utilized. The food is simple -- fresh vegetables, lamb, rice and potatoes -- redolent with garlic and oregano. I'm sure I've got garlic oozing from every pore but I don't care. I guess I probably smell just like everyone else here!

The sea is such an amazing colour of blue here......not as turquoise as the Caribbean, but a deep and startling blue that seems to go on forever.

So beautiful..........

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