Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Richard & Ken at their home in Altea

View from Richard & Ken's upstairs terrace (sucks to be them, huh?!)

Scenes around Altea 1

Scenes around Altea 2

Scenes around Altea 3

The reason to party

Crowd awaiting Fiesta Parade/Celebrations

Moors Parade participants getting ready to party

Moors Parade participants (photos dark because taken at night)

Men in crowd really enjoyed these Moors Parade participants! (sorry for lack...

Moors Parade participants - hats & swords

Girls in traditional clothes for daytime parade

Girl in traditional clothes for daytime parade 2

Girls in traditional clothes for daytime parade 3

Christians Parade participants

More Christians Parade participants

Scenes around Altea 4

Scenes around Altea 5

Scenes around Altea 6

Ken, Karen & Jean-Mi ... now THAT'S what I call a dish...

The gang of partiers , enjoying lunch at the beach

The girls at the beach

Connie, Richard & Fernando

photos only ... see "Rest of Europe" (story #47)

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