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I started WWOOFing about 40 km east of Featherston at an international women's community... Ended up being 8 women here, a diverse crowd. Helped to build a straw bale house for one of the women to move in to... I never knew plastering could be so much fun! We used a mud-like (I luv mud!) lime mixture... slapped it on the outside (this was the last of several layers over many bales of straw) and spread it around... to create an adobe-like appearance. The framing was made of wood poles, and the walls were bales of straw stacked on top of one another, held together by wood stakes.

The women were really nice, and I enjoyed my time there, but there wasn't enough going on for me to want to stay too long...

We did drive north about an hour to be the sole visitors to a seal colony... I nearly tripped over a baby seal!! The sea was ferocious here, but it didn't seem to disturb the seals from their long naps...

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