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The smoke stretched between the two large trees here- they only got...

Woke up at 6am to shouts of "FIRE!! GET UP! GET YOUR CLOTHES ON! THERE'S A FIRE IN THE BUSH!!" I looked out the window to see smoke billowing up from the bush (trees, bushes, grasses, etc.) right next our driveway. I grabbed my bag (which I had packed the night before), and ran out the door, thinking that the fire was huge and we'd be fleeing. It was still fightable, but potentially devastating. I grabbed my bandana for my face, and started running down the hill with the buckets of water another girl had filled... I was upwind, between the fire and the house, so I was very happy my bandana had been within easy reach. It took the fire department 40 minutes to make it to our isolated location, but in the meantime some neighbors had shown up with backpacks full of water. Nobody knew the guy who woke all of us up- apparently some guy who just happened to be driving through the middle of nowhere at 6am...

I took a shot of the view of the bay from the house- the morning before the fire-that I was staying at... it was a fabulous sunrise.

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