Central American Adventure 2008 travel blog

The border crossing today was ridiculous. We had to process our passports 5 times (3 times in Nicaragua and 2 times in Costa Rica) and we had to walk with our luggage across the border which was about 500 meters. Then we paid someone so that we could jump the line on the Costa Rica side and not have to wait in the hot sun. We were covered in mud and dirt and we were hungry and tired, so everyone was glad to chip in for that (even though it was really unfair to the huge line of people who were waiting in line).

Anyway, we finally made it into Costa Rica and began our trip to Monteverde. I finally am here!!! It has only taken me 6 or 7 years to get here. I couldn't stop smiling on the way to Monteverde. The scenery was wonderful and the cloud forest was amazing!

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