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Auburn AVA Walk
26 April - I arrived at the Auburn Dam Overland Park in Auburn about 7:30 for an AVA 11k walk and found a great parking place for the day. I had planned to start the walk early and finish by 11 so I could work the start table from 11-noon however, due to excessive bloviating, Joanna and I didn’t get started until after 9 so we had to walk fast, we even jogged some. We took a couple of wrong turns but recovered nicely and made it back by 10:50. The running almost killed poor Jo…………….anna and she may never walk with me (or anyone else) ever again. Sorry Joanna, but if you wanna hang with me you gotta learn to run with the big dogs (j/k).

The weather was perfect and after the walk I hung out in the park until mid afternoon and then drove to the McClellan Commissary to stock up on goodies for my next adventure. This was my first time at this commissary and I was impressed as it was well stocked and maintained.

I was too tired to drive on to Yuba City and decided to park at my friend Leta’s house in Rio Linda for the night. She cooked up some sort of a Mexican verde dish for us and it was quite tasty. We later hung out on her patio and enjoyed the stars and the cool night air. A great way to end a great day.

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