Giles and Susie's World Tour 2004/5 travel blog

Pancake Rocks on the way to Greymouth (trust us, it's raining !)

Our room in Noah's Ark hostel

Geared up and ready to climb on to the Franz Josef glacier

An escalator might have been useful here

On top of the glacier with the weather closing in again

Franz Josef Glacier + 2 !

A 'kea' (alpine parrot) at the Franz Josef glacier

(Updated by: Giles)

The day we took the long and windy journey to Greymouth was, appropriately, very grey. We stopped twice along the way at both times getting soaked, the first incidentally being at Cape 'Foulwind' where both the wind and the rain were rather foul, the only ones who didn't seem to mind were the seals which we were ushered/encouraged/pushed off the bus to see. Greymouth was still grey when we got there, however the hostel, 'Noah's Ark', lightened the place up with every room having a specific animal theme.

The journey to Franz Josef was still accompanied by cloudy skies and occasional rain, fortunately, even though this continued in Franz Josef it was not quite enough for the trek company to cancel the afternoon glacier walk on the Franz Josef Glacier. The Franz Josef Glacier can be found in a most unusual setting with it's terminus being in rainforest, you walk around the corner in the trees and come to valley with wooded sides and suddenly, there's a glacier ! Walking on the ice with crampons is a slow, cold and wet experience but well worth it.

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