Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Early morning.

Arenal from our doorway.

Fountain, church and volcano.

About to descend to the Arenal waterfall.

Mini Niagara

Another view.

Not as cold as it looks.

Hello Everyone,

I woke up at 5am, looked out of the window and saw the volcano clear against the sky. The moon was not far away from it. It was starting to get light just a little.

I had to take a picture and of course woke up Brian in the process! He also took some pictures. I hope nobody saw us with very little on taking pictures of a volcano!

We repeated the process at 6am when it was daylight and the sun was shining on the volcano. Very often the top is in the clouds but this morning it was so clear! We took some nice pictures.

I went out for a morning walk at 6am. The town was awake. People go to work which starts for almost everyone at 7am. The air was nice and fresh at that time of the day. I took some nice pictures of the church with the volcano in the background.

Brian had diahrrea which started yesterday and wanted to stay close to a bathroom. Although we had reservations to do stuff we decided to cancel them and take it easy.

Brian felt bad about having to cancel the rapelling down waterfalls that he wanted to do.

We had a leisurely breakfast with some of the other group members. Our breakfast area is out in the open beside the hotel. It is like an outdoor kitchen with a roof on top.

After breakfast at appr. 9,15am Brian and I walked into town. I wanted to call Tony because he had been in hospital with pneumonia. He was not there so I left a message. On our way back we dropped in at the Vienna Bakery for a European pastry and mora juice.

When we left the waitress came after us and tried to persuade us in Spanish that we had not paid! We went back with her and told the manager that we definitely did pay! Fortunately he believed us and apologized! Somewhat Embarassing for us!

We did a lot of updating on the computer.

At 1.30pm we took a taxi (with another groupmember) to the Fortuna waterfall. We had to go down some 500 steps to reach it. The waterfall is 150ft.

It was pretty and we went into the water at the base of the water falling down.

The water was cool, but not as cold as others had made it out to be!

It was one of those very special moments to stand in the water with the sound of the fast falling water and high walls or rocks and trees around us _ like being at the bottom of a giant bowl.

After playing in the water

for a while we had to go back up all those steps!

Later in the afternoon we went back into town again and I talked to Tony. He was better, but still very easily out of breath. I could hear it on him. It was good to hear his voice though. I really felt the distance, but I was glad to know what was going on. Nathan said hi and bye to me. I do miss those grandchildren!

Dinner at Luigi's Pizza restaurant. I had grilled seabass and Brian a pizza.

I wrote postcards and we packed for our travel day tomorrow to Monteverde by bus, boat and horseback!

Another day!

Eke and Brian.

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