The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Guess's D-Day again....departure day....except this time we are headed home (to life in the fast lane as we once knew it?)...we were up early to say goodbye and see you later to Peter and Madeline who had a flight home thru Chicago and Toronto and were on their way at about 8:00 a.m. After we got them on their way, Barb and I got ourselves organized and packed and headed out for one more walk in the streets around our hotel and Times Square, making our way to the Galaxy Diner for breakfast one last time...we returned to the hotel and retrieved our bags and then made our way by taxi back out to LaGuardia where we had a 1:00 p.m. flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth, the hub for American Airlies flights to Calgary....the Dallas airport is very new and modern and after deplaning we took a computerized monorail shuttle from our arrival area to our Calgary departure ran quite smoothly until we were about 500 metres from our departure lounge and the shuttle just stopped in the middle of its track, 10 metres or so up in the air....after about ten minutes a technician climbed up from somewhere? and got us moving to the next stop where we changed shuttles and had to wait another ten minutes or so before we got moving again and finally made it to our departure area...we had time for a bite to eat and tried the food and a marguerita at was a good thing we stopped for a snack because now that we were back in North America, there were no meals served on board the flights unless you wanted to pay $5 for a stale sandwich and another $5 for a warm beer....we all got tucked into a MacDonald Douglas aircraft which was very tight and uncomfortable and settled in for the four hour flight to Calgary....we weren't sure how customs was going to treat us seeing that we had been away from Canada for some ten months, but going thru was relatively uneventful and after collecting our bags, we were met on the other side by Marianne and Jack....the very same folks who had bid us adieu when we departed last May....we had a nice visit again as we made our way out to their acreage outside a driving snowstorm no less (welcome back to Canada)...where we would spend the night.....

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