2008 Hawaii travel blog

Paddling down the Hanalei River

We paddled here from the other side of this point

You can get here from the road by going down a steep...

In the winter this is all under water

We went on a kayak tour with Kayak Hanalei with two Hawaiian locals as our guides They took us in a van to Hanalei Bay where we launched the kayaks. We paddled up the Hanalei River with the guides telling us about the plants and wildlife of Kauai. The river was calm with no current so it was easy paddling. We then paddled into the bay where we saw a green sea turtle. We went ashore at a little cove called Hideaways Beach to snorkel. The water was deeper than the other sites we have snorkeled with fingers of rocks with sand in between. There were also a lot more fish and coral than other places. We saw several kinds of butterflyfish, the humuhumunukunukuapua'a again, wrasses, parrotfish, and sea cucumbers. After snorkeling we had lunch on the beach and paddled back to our launch site. These pictures are taken with a disposable camera - I didn't want to risk taking our camera in the kayak! We spent the afternoon relaxing at the condo and went to dinner at the Hanalei Dolphin. It was the best meal we had on the whole trip. We sat by a window overlooking a Japanese rock garden full of tropical plants. We started out with homemade bread and salad with organic greens grown on Kauai with homemade croutons. We both had ahi (tuna) for the main course. It was the best tuna I have ever tasted. We split a piece of ice cream pie with banana, coconut and chocolate for desert.

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